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A Team Effectiveness Assessment


Based on our 6 Steps to a High Performing Team model, we have constructed an on-line questionnaire which your team can complete to do their own self-assessment of their effectiveness as a team.

Here is an example of the summary graph that appears in the report that your team will receive:

Strengths Focused Leadership Team Effectiveness Assessment


You will see that the team shown above has reasonable clarity about its purpose, but needs to match this with work on the other 5 steps, particularly in having a clear and specific plan as to how it will deliver its priorities.

In the questionnaire, each of the steps has a number of questions associated with it, and in our detailed report, a team is able to see which particular aspects of that step have been done well, and which need more attention.

We typically run the questionnaire ahead of team development work to enable us and our customer team to know where best to focus our energy in the work.

We can then rerun the questionnaire after 6 or 12 months to give some rigour to our joint evaluation of the impact of our work with the team.

For more information on how you can use the assessment with your team:

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