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Strengths Focused Leadership Coaching


Coaching is an interaction that draws out the solutions and ideas of the person being coached in order to maximise their performance and engagement at work.


People and organisations use coaching for a variety of reasons:
 Building leadership profile and capability
 Career development
 Skills development
 Having an external sounding board outside of their organisational
 Specific project support
 Building high performance teams
 Getting extraordinary results

Whatever the reason, coaching is about getting results. We are here for your success, however you define it. We deliver strengths focused coaching to get you stronger results faster.

  • Strengths Focused Leadership Coaching Kathy Toogood

  • Strengths Focused Leadership Coaching Mike Roarty


Strengths focused coaching enables the coachee to more effectively achieve their goals by focusing on building on success and strength (as opposed to focusing on problems and fixing weaknesses).

Strengths focused coaching enables the coachee to build their own strengths and the strengths of those they lead. It focuses on what works, solutions, and strengths rather than on what doesn’t work, problems and weaknesses. It is noted for its extra levels of energy and  creativity, its power to enhance confidence and motivation, and it’s ability to achieve results faster than a problem focused approach.


We use a variety of models and tools to suit the particular client. Some of these are:

On-line Strengths Assessments.

We are licensed users of Realise2© and Strengthscope™, and also experienced users of Strengthsfinder™ and VIA (Values In Action).

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

NLP offers a great many tools and techniques to allow individuals and teams to achieve excellence. We focus on the tools that build strength in order to achieve stronger results faster.


With leadership coaching, we are able to offer the powerful NLP technique known as ‘Breakthrough’ to help leaders achieve fast, significant and lasting change, and take big steps forward. ‘Breakthrough’ enables leaders to develop a mindset for success, and a mindset that focuses on their strengths.

Myers-Briggs (MBTI).

We have considerable experience in using Myers Briggs psychometric profiling, both with individuals and teams. The insights gained from the Myers-Briggs process (MBTI) help leaders and teams understand themselves better and so get the best out of themselves. Myers-Briggs focuses on the strengths of each psychological preference, and so helps teams to work constructively with the different preferences and strengths within the team.

360° Feedback.

“To see ourselves as others see us”. Feedback on leadership behaviours, gained from key stakeholders, help leaders develop new behaviours which positively impact personal and business related goals. We can use your own competency framework or 360 process to develop coaching goals. We can also create smaller more focused and ad-hoc 360° feedback around a specific coaching goal. We also can provide strengths-focused on-line 360 feedback, or help you understand how to ‘strengthen’ your own process

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