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Strengths Focused Team Coaching


‘Team coaching is coaching a team to achieve a common goal, paying attention both to individual performance and to group collaboration and performance.’
– Thornton, C. (2010). Group and team coaching : the essential guide.
London ; New York, Routledge.

Team Coaching has these three aspects:

  • Improving team performance
  • Improving team collaboration or team-work (both inside and outside the team) in order to improve performance and enjoyment.
  • Improved individual performance and engagement toward the team’s goals.
Strengths Focused Leadership Team Coaching


Our customers teams whom we have worked with tell us that team coaching has helped them:

  • Clarify the purpose of the team and what it wants to achieve and why
  • Work with stakeholders to precisely define its desired outcomes and measures of success
  • Increase the team awareness of individual strengths in the team
  • Clarify individual roles in the team
  • Define the kind of behaviours in the team that will contribute to its success
  • Develop effective team-working processes internally and externally


  • Build strong relationships in the team, and beyond
  • Build a strengths focused culture in the team that celebrates the team’s successes and strengths, and uses the resulting energy to fix any important weaknesses, as well as to build further strength
  • Ensure that the team continually learns from what it does in order to improve its ability to deliver on task and enjoy its work



Strengths Focused Team Coaching enables the team to more effectively achieve its goals by playing to its strengths, and the strengths of each individual in the team. It focuses on building on success and strength (as opposed to focusing on problems and fixing weaknesses).

We use a number of models and tools to help teams succeed through building on their strengths. In 15 years experience of working with teams in this way we have developed our 6 step model to shape this successful work with teams.

Strengths Focused Leadership 6 Step Model

Find out how to apply this 6 step model.Assess the Effectiveness of Your Team.Contact Us to complete a Team Assessment.

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