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Transforming Meetings



A 1 Day Workshop, 9am – 5pm

The smallest amount of research on the subject of meetings shows fairly quickly that many people have a regular experience of bad meetings. So you’re bound to have experienced meetings at which:

  • 90% of the conversation is between 30% of the participants.
  • Some people are never involved in the conversation.
  • People constantly interrupt one another.
  • Differences of views are badly managed, resulting in unproductive conflict.
  • Poor agendas lead to unfocused discussions.
  • People were focused on just about everything but the meeting (e.g. email, texts, phone calls, other work on their laptops, doodling).
  • Agreements and actions were not defined.
  • The meeting never gets better. People make the same mistakes every time.
    Huge amounts of time is wasted.

Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment® is an evidence based approach that will vastly enhance the quality and effectiveness of your meetings. Based on a set of principles, and a small number of simple but powerful tools, the workshop will give you a real experience of the approach and show you how you can easily use it to transform the meetings in your team or organisation.


The Transforming Meetings® 1-Day workshop aims to give you the knowledge, confidence and skills to make your meetings much more effective, engaging and productive.



By the end of the session participants will have:

Understood the Ten Components of Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment® and how these impact the quality and effectiveness of meetings.

  • Learnt and practiced the 4 applications of the Thinking Environment® to team/group meetings:
  • Thinking Pairs
  • Dialogue
  • Rounds
  • Open Discussion
  • Understood how to create effective agenda items based on questions.
  • Learnt and practiced the Time to Think Council, a tool which enhances individual and collective learning in a team/group context.
  • Understand how The Thinking Environment® principles can be applied to delivering effective presentations at meetings.
  • Clarified how you can use the approach to achieve better and quicker decision-making; more interesting, shorter meetings; and enhanced communicationcand team performance.
  • Planned how to implement the approach in the workplace, and what support might be necessary.

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